Our Cherries

Mother Nature's Magic on a Stem

Our high-elevation family orchard and longer growing season produces the largest, most flavorful cherries you’ve ever tasted. Because our cherries are tree-ripened to perfection it’s critical that they reach you quickly. Due to ongoing shipping delays related to the pandemic, we are unable to ship directly to our customers this year. We will resume direct online cherry sales in 2023. This summer, look for our cherries at your local grocery store. And, if they don’t currently carry them, ask them to email [email protected]!



Harvest: July 1 to August 7

These are the cherries you remember from childhood. Sweet, dark and succulent, Bing is the king of cherries and the most well known.



Harvest: July 1 to August 7

Milder than Bings, these yellow cherries with a bright red blush are the sweetest of the bunch and a favorite for dessert.



Harvest: July 1 to August 7

These late bloomers boast the flavor of Bings, but with a colossal size. Many farmers mistakenly pick these early, but their sweetness and size can only come from remaining on the tree.



Harvest: July 1 to August 7

This large, round cherry is a deep dark red, almost black in color with bright green stems. The fruit is firm and crisp, and is a sweet as its color is rich.



Harvest: July 1 to August 7

This sweet cherry is a cross between Van and Newstar. This large, bright red cherry matures later in the season, one week after Lapins for early August enjoyment!



Harvest: July 1 to August 7

The Regina is a new cherry from Germany. Like the Honeycrisp apple, this deep-red cherry is sweet with a firm crunch and is quickly becoming a new favorite.



Harvest: July 1 to August 7

Vans are for those who like their cherries with a little kick. Sweet and tangy, these black cherries tend to be delicate and should be eaten right away.